The MMA abbreviation means Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a full-contact duel with the use of percussion techniques with hands, feet, and knees, as well as wrestling, both in the rack and on the floor (on the ground) with the use of painful and suffocating techniques. Only a truly strong and technical battler, able to think outside the box and creatively, will be able to win the battle. The battles can take place both in the usual ring and in the cage. Moreover, the second option is much more spectacular. And the attention of bookmakers is riveted to each fight since this type of mixed fight rarely ends in a draw.

The first tournaments were attended by wrestlers, boxers, kickboxers, masters of jiu-jitsu, karate, and sumo. This is a “bloody” sport, banned in a number of states, for example, in France. But in Germany, Great Britain, and Austria, MMA is a developing type of sport.

Mixed martial arts can be called a unique phenomenon in the world of martial arts. In what manner to fight the fighter decides – to fight in the ground or to stay in the rack. Athletes can use a variety of military techniques in the arena.

What are the main types of bets in MMA?

The lines of MMA battles are not too wide. In them, you will not find about a hundred outcomes, as in basketball. There are several options for betting on MMA: 

    • A win. It goes to a certain fighter, and it does not matter in what way he won the championship. There are no bets on a draw, even if the fight ends with an equal score, which practically does not happen, the bookmaker will return the invested funds.
  • A win a specific round.
  • Early win. The end of the battle by the decision of the judges is not taken into account. The early championship is the disqualification of a participant who used a prohibited technique or by technical knockout.
  • Battle time. Bets are accepted on the total number of rounds with which the battle will end. Usually, only fully completed ones are counted.
  • The exact result. The forecast for the method of victory is knockout or technical defeat, as well as disqualification or a referee’s decision.
  • Other options. There can be bets on an even or odd winning round, on a group of rounds, etc.

The overall selection of bets is not as great as in other sports. In order not to lose, one should correctly analyze the physical fitness of a fighter and general information about him, as well as look at the features of the bets themselves.


What are the major MMA organizations?

The leading MMA tournaments have different rules to keep in mind when realizing their predictions. For example, on the Asian and European tours, the participants have a lot more freedom than in the USA.

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The history of the formation of MMA is a long period, which includes many events. 20th century – the main period of the formation of MMA. The first organizations appeared in the 90s. Now the most outstanding organizations in this field are UFC, Pride, and Bellator. 

There are several facts of the major MMA organizations in the world:

  • The UFC is the biggest and greasiest MMA organization to date, run by Dane White. It is a sports alliance based in Las Vegas, USA. This organization actively promotes mixed martial arts and its tournaments are the most demanded among bettors.
  • Bellator is the world’s second largest organization.
  • Pride is Japan’s largest MMA promotion that ran from 1997 to 2007. A unique feature of the alliance was the holding of battles between athletes from different weight categories, in addition to the usual fights, large tournaments of the “Grand Prix” format, and joint fighting evenings between different MMA organizations.

Current favorites – Who to bet on?

There are strong people in all sports, whose battles are watched especially by fans and bookmakers. There are several MMA fighters distinguished by their strength and endurance.

  • Fedor (Fedor Emelianenko) is a Russian fighter who has achieved high results in “fights without rules”. He remained invincible for 10 years, it was thanks to him that this sport gained popularity in our country.
  • Mirkr Cro Cop is a Croatian fighter with a strong and spectacular kick based on kickboxing. In the world of sports, he is Cro Cop. He has never been a MMA champion, but he always remained in the lead.
  • John Jones is a champion and significant light heavyweight fighter. Likes to use elbows. He has confirmed his title many times, so he is known as the greatest battler on the planet.
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov is Russia’s hope from Dagestan. Conducts lightweight bouts and holds the world title.

How to analyze a fight and place a winning bet?

When analyzing battles, there are many nuances to consider: 

  • Pay attention to the location of the fighters in the overall rating, but do not forget that the participants in the fights often move from one weight category to another.
  • Statistics is also very important, but you should not rely only on dry numbers. It is important to pay attention to the real physical condition of the fighter, which is rather difficult to determine due to the frequency of fights.
  • The style of conducting the fights is also crucial, someone spends more kicks or, on the contrary, is in defense. Look at the reaction and the ability to block the enemy. To assess the readiness of an athlete, it is not easy to watch the cuts of fights, but to fully analyze the previous fights. Be sure to watch that there are no injuries, even small ones before the fight, as this can greatly affect the outcome of the fight.

If you want to bet on MMA, you need to be very well versed in this sport and the specifics of the fights themselves. This type of competition cannot be attributed to the option where you can make money quickly and effortlessly.