You need to find out in which particular organization the battles are held. Depending on whether he wants to bet on UFC or Bellator battles, there will be different rules and different nuances to consider. The most offensive thing is to make the right analysis, but not take into account some rule of a particular organization and, because of this, lose your bet. 

What is the current situation on the MMA market?

In general, the strategy for betting on UFC, Bellator, or ONE FC is the same. In addition to standard factors such as the number of victories, fights fought, knockout victories, etc., MMA has its own pitfalls. For example, battlers can own completely different styles of single combat as a base (usually they are either drummers or wrestlers), which will definitely leave an imprint on the whole battle as a whole.

There are styles that are inconvenient for specific MMA fighters (some do not like to fight, some do not like to work in a standing position), and they often lose for this very reason. The age of the battler is very important – MMA battles are very intense, and with age, endurance becomes lower. At the same time, age is an experience, and it can play a positive role in a battle against a young opponent.

How to correctly assess the parameters of fighters?

In MMA, there is a division into several weight categories, respectively, there is such a concept as “making weight”, that is, approaching a fight with a weight suitable for the category. 

If a lighter boxer moves to a higher category in a couple of months, then it is very dangerous to bet on such a battler because the opponent has been working in his weight for a long time, he is comfortable, he understands the power of his and opponents’ punches. A newcomer in a weight class risks quickly getting lost in the ring.

There are also such important indicators as height, arm span. For example, it is easier for a fighter with striking techniques to fight against an opponent with a smaller arm span. A taller fighter should not move the fight to the ground, where he loses his height advantage. 

How to make more winning MMA bets?

When making a preliminary forecast for MMA battles, it is worth paying attention to studying the statistics of past fights of athletes, and also always:

  • know the peculiarities of training athletes;
  • adhere to a working strategy (yours or someone else’s);
  • take into account the weight category in which the fighter is performing;
  • study the preliminary sports experience of rivals;
  • bet not the entire bank, but only a certain percentage of it!

It will not be superfluous to monitor the professional and personal life of athletes, considering the factors that can affect the results of the fight. Keep an eye on the UFC president who shares inside information frequently. 

What are the most affordable types of bets on fights without rules?

To start betting on MMA, a bettor will need to go through a standard path from registration to collecting a coupon on the bookmaker’s website. Beginners should pay attention to the ordinary or express stakes since they are easier to predict and calculate. 

The standard set of markets for MMA is quite small, but additional types of bets may appear in the bookmaker’s line for battles in which top fighters take part. For example, for fights with Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov, an extensive list and high odds are always available.